Russell Brand 's ex-wife Katy Perry debuted her new single Part of Me at the Grammy's last night and left everyone stunned at what appeared to be an obvious dig towards Russell Brand. While performing her hit song E.T., the music stopped abruptly halfway through, allowing Perry to launch into her new song.

The original lyrics include the words "You can keep the dog from me, I never liked him anyway." But last night they were changed to: "So can keep your diamond ring, it don't mean nothing anyway" the pop star then continued with the true lyrics "in fact, you can keep everything -except for me." Some have pointed out this a reference to the British comedian, who Perry was married to for fourteen months.

MTV Buzzworthy have speculated that the song was originally about the breakup of Perry and Gym Class Heroes' TRAVIS MCCO and many fans have stated that the track was written while the singer was recording her second album, Teenage Dream, in which time she was in a relationship with Brand.

Perry recently announced that her successful album will be re-released in March 2012 under the name: Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection, with Part of Me being released this week.