Russell Brand wants to be "independent" from Katy Perry.

The British comedian - who married the 'Firework' singer in an intimate ceremony in India in October - is said to be taking driving lessons in Los Angeles so he no longer has to rely on his new wife to chauffer him around.

An insider explained: "While Russell in the past has been chauffeured around Los Angeles by Katy, he now wants to be an independent husband by getting his driver's licence.

"Russell's goal is to be able to drive around town by himself very soon. He has been taking daily driving lessons and is very focused on getting his licence as quickly as possible. He seems very excited about driving."

The 35-year-old funnyman has even been spotted giving a homeless man $20 when he stopped at a red traffic light on one of his lessons.

The eyewitness added to People magazine: "A homeless man was begging for money by a stop light and as soon as Russell saw the man, he reached for his wallet and gave the man a $20 bill.

"Russell seemed very pleased that he was able to help the man and he even jokingly told the man to wait in the same spot the next day."