U.K. comedians Russell Brand, Jonathan Ross and David Walliams received an angry reception from Morrissey fans after they stepped in when the star abandoned a London concert. The crowd at Camden, London's Roundhouse became agitated at the gig on Friday (25Jan08) after the Suedehead singer walked off three songs into his set - claiming to have lost his voice. And when the TV stars, who were all there to watch the show, took to the stage to break the bad news to the fans, they were met with a hostile reception in the form of beer, coins and bottles pelted in their direction. Jonathan Ross said on his BBC Radio 2 show, "I think people thought we were laughing at their suffering, which we weren't. When we were on stage, I've never heard anything like it, no manners, booing, throwing bottles. "I wanted to say to them to get some bloody perspective. It's a fat bloke going to sing some songs, that's all. It's not the end of the world." Morrissey was also forced to cancel gigs on Saturday (26Jan08) and Sunday (27Jan08) due to illness. The shows are set to be rescheduled for a later date.