Russell Brand's misguided charm offensive to get back into the Jonas Brothers' good books is continuing apace – with some kissing on the agenda.

The British comic has had a tough 2008 thanks to his disastrously inappropriate comments with Jonathan Ross on BBC Radio 2 about his carnal knowledge of actor Andrew Sachs' granddaughter.

That was comparable to the storm created across the Atlantic when he mocked the squeaky-clean Jonas Brothers during the MTV Awards in September.

A host of Hollywood celebrities came out in favour of the proud virgins after Brand ridiculed their celibacy and the long-haired one was forced to apologise.

Since then he's been attempting to win them over, suggesting he'd like to record a Christmas single with them.

At the Los Angeles premiere of Bedtime Stories he took the opportunity to further make the entire US uncomfortable when asked by US Weekly who he would like to kiss this new year.

"I think all of the Jonas Brothers. But very gently and consensually," he said.

21/12/2008 10:18:17