Ahead of the release of his autobiography My Booky Wooky, stand-up comedian Russell Brand has revealed he was sexually abused as a child.

In an interview with the Sun, the former alcoholic and heroin addict has confessed he was molested by a neighbour.

However the incident was swept under the carpet by Brand's family and charges were not pressed, which he doesn't regret.

"It happened and I told my parents. I never had any dealings with him again - that was it," he said in today's interview.

He added: "I knew I would have to talk about it. I don't mind talking about it a bit, but God, just put it on the list.

"There's so much stuff like drugs, bulimia, sex addiction, self-harming, it would be difficult for people to go on about one particular aspect."

Explaining his straightforward account of his bizarre upbringing - which included trips to Bangkok brothels with his father - the 32-year-old said: "I was honest about my childhood because if you were reading it you'd think, 'These sorts of things happened to him when he was a kid, that’s probably why he was a bit of a d**khead in his twenties'.

"I wanted people to understand why I became a bit of an odd character."

But Brand, currently dating golfer Bernard Gallacher's daughter Laura, sister of TV presenter Kirsty, refused to be drawn on his reportedly long list of conquests.

"I started sleeping with people when I was 16. I became more promiscuous when I was 19 or 20. I'm 32, so that’s a long, long time," he said.

"If you break it down it's probably no more than three or four a day which is a tiny, tiny figure. But in the last 22-and-a-half days, none."

He added: "I think it makes you look bad saying a figure. Women think it's awful to do that.

"Imagine if you are one of those women, you've literally been pulled into a number. They were very special encounters."

15/11/2007 12:38:10