Comic Russell Brand has made a controversial return to British radio - by leaving voicemails for new U.S. president Barack Obama with his pal and co-host Noel Gallagher.
Last year (08) Brand quit his BBC Radio 2 gig after he and fellow broadcaster Jonathan Ross were slammed for leaving "grossly offensive" messages on former Fawlty Towers star Andrew Sachs' answer machine during a live broadcast.
The pair discussed Brand's fling with the 78-year-old's granddaughter Georgina Baillie.
And Brand couldn't resist some more phone pranks as he braved the airwaves again on Sunday night (19Apr09) for a one-off show on the U.K.'s Talksport radio with his friend Gallagher - calling America's leader and leaving a message asking which soccer team the politician supports.
And the star, who pre-recorded the show on Saturday (18Apr09), also called Ross and joked about the uproar their last radio appearance caused in the British press.
Ross asked Brand, "You're not back on the radio, are you?"
Earlier this month (Apr09) the BBC was fined $107,000 (£150,000) by media watchdog Ofcom for the pair's "offensive, humiliating and demeaning" conduct.