Russell Brand knew Katy Perry was the woman he wanted to marry after the pop star volunteered to scrub his mother's kitchen floor.
The British funnyman fell for Perry after he brought her to London to have dinner with his beloved mum, Barbara, and saw the singer's sweeter side in a touching moment.
He says, "Katy is a big, big character. But when you are just hanging out with her, she's a normal bird (girl). She's a laugh and she's strong. But with my mum, she's really sweet.
"I remember the first time she came round and my mum was making some dinner. Mum's clumsy like I am and she spilled some gravy. I remember just watching how Katy very naturally went and got a cloth, got down and started cleaning the floor without saying anything. And I thought, 'Ah, I like that about you. I want to marry you.'"
The couple is now preparing to exchange vows after Brand proposed on a romantic trip to India.