British comic Russell Brand has vetoed a plan for Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe to play him in a biopic - because he thinks he'll do a better job himself. The actor is making a film based on his wild autobiography, to be directed by revered filmmaker Michael Winterbottom, and he's stunned by reports Radcliffe is favoured to play him. He tells WENN, "I'm not willing to hand off to another actor at this stage. "There was talk of Daniel Radcliffe playing me. He may be used to handling a sack of magic but I don't know how he'd cope with the heroin and the sex quite frankly. I think he'd buckle, the young man, so I'll be playing myself. "I've been practicing for this, literally, my whole life, so I'm very confident I can play the part of me successfully. "I'm hoping the fact that I'm showing off while doing it will make it much more fun. Even though I'm going, 'Oh no, I'm overdosing on heroin,' in the back of mind I'm thinking, 'This is brilliant, people are gonna love this. Girls are gonna eat me alive!' "I'm comforted by the fact that the painful reliving of my agonising past might make me attractive to women."