Russell Brand became the latest celebrity to take control on last night's Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack.

The stand-up comedian and TV presenter began his stint yesterday afternoon, immediately confusing the contestants by instructing racing driver Jeremy Metcalfe to put his socks on his hands and to go to the bathroom.

The remaining male housemates were then ordered to go to the bedroom and get into the bed of another boy while the girls responded in kind.

Brand later put the housemates in a scary situation by introducing an "intruder" to the Big Brother house.

A man purporting to be a cameraman named Paul entered the house, complaining to the young contestants about his poor working conditions.

The housemates were then ordered to the bedroom where they fiercely debated the authenticity of the intruder before Brand interrupted to tell them: "The security situation is under control but can you please stop talking about it."

They then watched aghast as security staff stormed the house to remove Paul, only for Brand to later gather them on the living areas to explain the incident was "a carefully constructed scenario to see how you could cope in a stressful situation".

He praised the whole house, "apart from Jeremy".

"I think you acted like a gutless coward," he added.

As he finished his hijacking duties, the 32-year-old instructed the contestants to "be lovely to each other".

"You're lovely, good-looking, talented people with a bright future," he said.

"You should be joyous. Perhaps one day you'll be able to use the experience and notoriety gained in here to change the world."

After leaving Brand described internet entrepreneur Liam Young as "adorable" and said Mensa member Jade Eden was "beautiful".

But 18-year-old circus performer Emilia Arata left the Essex boy

"What can words say?" he asked. "Some things are beyond words."

09/01/2008 08:53:33