Host Russell Brand was forced to apologise for poking fun at the Jonas Brothers' morals during Sunday night's (07Sep08) MTV Video Music Awards - after a public dressing down from singer Jordin Sparks.
The British comedian mocked the pop sensations mercilessly for more than half the show for their no-sex-before-marriage promise and the purity rings they wear.
At one point, he even pretended he'd stolen a Jonas brothers' virginity as he held a ring in his hand.
Sparks, who is among the teen stars putting purity before sex, admonished Brand for his remarks, stating, "It's not bad to wear a promise ring because not everybody, guy or girl, wants to be a slut."
Minutes later, a crestfallen Brand apologised, saying, "I've gotta say sorry because I said those things about promise rings; that was bad of me. I didn't mean to take it lightly."
Brand added, "I love Jonas Brothers, I think it's (purity) really good. I don't want to piss off teenage fans... Promise rings, I'm well up for it, well done everyone."
But he couldn't resist a final jab, adding, "It's just, a bit of sex occasionally never hurt anybody."