Russell Brand gave an "intense and mad" performance in a drama school production of Macbeth after binging on drugs and booze backstage.
The British funnyman tackled the title role in the Shakespearean play, but he made the mistake of getting drunk and popping a handful of pills before the curtain went up.
And boozed-up Brand shocked the audience with his bizarre portrayal of the Scottish king.
He tells Reuters, "I took a big load of amphetamines, drank half a bottle of whiskey and staggered out as MACbeth. Before I went on, I tried to get myself in the right mood, so I was smashing stuff up in the back room, cut my hands and tried to make myself puke.
"It was bloody stupid because I was sick everywhere. Some people in the audience thought it was brilliant because they liked that I was intense and mad. The people that ran the drama school said 'That's not what we're after.'"