Rock legends Rush are seeking damages for "tens of millions of dollars" for loss of earnings in the wake of guitarist Alex Lifeson's arrest after a New Year's Eve scuffle with police two years ago (31DEC03).

Lifeson, along with bassist/vocalist GEDDY LEE and drummer Neil Peart are suing Florida police for reduced touring performances and recordings after the scandal.

The guitarist claims the three Collier County sheriff's deputies were the aggressors in fight at the plush Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Naples, Florida.

The fracas broke out when officers attempted to arrest Lifeson's son, JUSTIN ZIVOJINOVICH, for disorderly behaviour. Both received a year's probation for the incident last April (05).

But Lifeson continues to maintain his innocence and has vowed to fight police until justice is served.

He tells Classic Rock magazine, "Aged 50, and in one of the finest hotels in America - it's insane to suggest that I would pick some fight with three huge cops.

"My nose was punched in and broken, I was tazered six times. But I was never going to let them get away with that.

"Although their evidence was so flimsy, our lives were dragged through a nightmare for 15 months.

"I spent $300,000 fighting the thing, but was advised to accept (the plea bargain). It wasn't about the money, more exposing the things the police so often get away with."