Action-comedy Rush Hour 3 has raked in $50.2 million (£24.8 million) over the weekend to top the grid as the US box office.

The third sequel about the antics of two crime-busting policemen displaced Matt Damon's Bourne Ultimatum which grossed $33.7 million (£16.6 million) to take its total earnings to over $100 million (£49.45 million).

However the Newline Studios film, in which Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker fight crime on The Streets of Paris, could not match the previous sequel's takings at the box office.

Rush Hour 2, released in 2001, sold $67.4 million (£33.3 million) in tickets over the same interval.

New Line domestic distribution president David Tuckerman told Variety magazine that the movie had performed well but couldn't match its predecessor's performance due to a crowded marketplace.

"It is a very crowded marketplace. When we opened Rush Hour 2, on August 3rd 2001, there was far less competition," he added.

One of the movie's producers Arthur Sarkissian said the fact that it was the "tail-end of summer" and the third installment in the franchise had been released six years later were factors that affected the $140 million (£69.22 million) film's performance.

Musical Hairspray, in which John Travolta plays a woman, came in third at this week's box office.

In other news, DreamWorks/Paramount robot action flick Transformers has become the fourth film to earn over $300 million (£148 million) this year.

13/08/2007 07:34:54