Fans of Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson have accused a Naples, Florida, journalist of risking the rocker's safety after printing his home address in a New Year's Day (01JAN04) story.

Lifeson was arrested in Naples after an altercation with police at a New Year's Eve party, and local reporter John Henderson printed the guitarist's full address in his subsequent story.

And now Rush fans are on the warpath, sending hate mail to Henderson and reminding him of what happened to slain icon John Lennon.

The NAPLES DAILY NEWS' website has also been inundated with hate email.

One fan, who signs off as AN IRATE RUSH FAN, rants, "How dare you give out a rock star's address to the public. I hope you get punished for your stupidity!"

Another states, "Doesn't he (Henderson) have any common sense about privacy violations? Did he forget what happened to John Lennon? I sincerely hope that Mr Lifeson's lawyers teach you all a lesson you'll remember."

22/01/2004 02:03