LATEST: US talk show host Rush Limbaugh has escaped charges in Florida over possession of unprescribed Viagra tablets. The conservative pundit, 55, was detained at an airport in the state last week (27JUN06) after authorities found a bottle of the pills amongst his luggage without a prescription. He spent three hours in custody at Palm Beach International Airport following his flight from the Dominican Republic as customs officials probed him about two doctors' names on the Viagra label. However, Limbaugh insists the medication was meant for him, and only carried his psychologist STEVE STRUMWASSER's name in a bid to protect his privacy. The state attorney's office confirms Strumwasser told authorities he "agreed to have his name on the label in an effort to avoid potentially embarrassing publicity for the suspect. Thus, the medication contained in the subject pill bottle was legitimately prescribed to the suspect by his physician." The case has now been forwarded from Palm Beach County to Miami-Dade County - where the original doctor wrote the prescription - for review. Limbaugh claimed on his radio show yesterday (05JUL06) that prosecutors declined to file charges because "there were no laws broken". Charges in the Viagra case could have had serious repercussions in a separate drug furore. Limbaugh reached an agreement with prosecutors last month (JUN06) in which an accusation of deceiving doctors to get overlapping painkiller prescriptions was deferred for 18 months on condition the radio star was not arrested again.