Rush Hour 2 star Zhang Ziyi refuses to reveal details about her personal life - even if it means the press write negative stories about her.

The Chinese actress, 25, prefers to keep quiet because she believes the media will print whatever they want regardless of how much information she divulges about herself.

Ziyi says, "Why do I have to tell them? My life is my life. Things I feel like sharing, I will share, but the rest I can keep personal.

"If they ask personal questions and I keep a cold front, and don't tell them anything, the next day they will say, 'She had this silly smile.'

"You just can't win. Either way, they are going to make up their stories."

She singles out the Chinese media for further criticism, adding, "Another thing is that, in Hong Kong, they are very snobbish. Hong Kong people often have this derogatory view of mainlanders, 'How can you be an international movie star? You are only from China.' For them, China is like the countryside."

13/12/2004 09:34