The third installment of hit comedy franchise Rush Hour is set to go into production, after comedian Chris Tucker finally decided to sign up to make a return.

Tucker, who has made only Rush Hour films since 1998, was expected to sign a two-picture $40 million (GBP21 million) contract with NEW LINE yesterday (05MAY05).

Now that Tucker has agreed to return, co-star Jackie Chan will pick up almost $20 million (GBP10.5 million) for starring in the movie, while director Brett Ratner will pick up a cool $7.5 million (GBP3.9 million) for taking the helm again.

While everybody else had already signed to appear in RUSH HOUR 3, Tucker took considerably more time before making a decision.

The movie is expected to go into production in Los Angeles and Paris later in the year (05) for a summer 2006 release.

06/05/2005 02:41