A video ad that referred to the editorial content of Rupert Murdoch's Australian newspapers as crap was pulled from news.com.au, the website of those newspapers, on Thursday, then restored today (Friday). The ad, from an activist group called GetUp, features an actor who remarks that Murdoch is using The Front pages of his newspapers to influence the current Parliamentary election campaign. [The papers'] owners, U.S. billionaire Rupert Murdoch, has an agenda to get rid our our current [prime minister] -- fair enough, we all have an opinion. But political bias presented as news is misleading crap. He then illustrates the point by using one of Murdoch's papers to pick up dog feces and disposes it in a trash barrel. Rival Fairfax Media, which itself had rejected the ad, later published an email that a senior News Corp executive sent afterwards to colleagues, headed URGENT: We are running the Get-Up anti-News ads -- can we pull them VASAP (sic)? Three television networks had previously rejected the ad, although one, Nine Network, had screened it for four days in Brisbane before pulling it. GetUp thereupon posted it on its own website and purchased the ad linked to the video on news.com.au with the heading Watch: The Video Rupert Murdoch Didn't Want You to See. There was no immediate explanation from the News Corp site of the reason for the ad being pulled and then restored.