Rupert Grint, the British actor best known for playing Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter franchise, is celebrating his 23rd birthday today (24th August 2011).In 1999, Rupert landed the role of Harry's best friend in the movie adaptation of 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' and has since appeared in every other movie.
The actor, known for his head of fiery red hair, won a Satellite Award in the category of 'Outstanding New Talent' for his role in the movies. He also scooped a Young Artist Award for 'Most Promising Young Newcomer'. As well as his work on the much-loved franchise, Grint has appeared in several other projects - most notably playing the lead in the British comedy-drama 'Driving Lessons' with Julie Walters. It is not clear how Rupert is celebrating his birthday today, although he attended V Festival last weekend, telling Absolute Radio, "This is my third time in a row.It's just great, this place is amazing, it's so fun, Eminem I'm quite excited about". Discussing his post-Potter projects, the actor said,"It's been ten it's nice to have a bit of freedom and do what I want".
Rupert recently completed work on the World War 2 movie "Comrade", and will next star as Britain's first ski jumper 'Eddie the Eagle' in Sean Macaulay's comedy flick.