Harry Potter star Rupert Grint has sensationally confessed he found filming the movies "boring" and he is adamant the young actors "don't deserve" to be so highly-paid.
Grint shot to fame playing Ron Weasley alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson in the wizard franchise, but now filming has wrapped on the final installment, he has revealed his true feelings about the movies.
The 22 year old insists he enjoyed shooting the films but often struggled to concentrate during his days onset, while he also believes the young castmembers were earning too much money.
Grint, who famously bought an ice cream van with his earnings, tells Britain's Observer newspaper, "I don't want it to sound like it wasn't enjoyable, it was... There were a few times when it would get quite boring. And you'd want this or that film to just end."
He adds, "I do, kind of, spend a lot. And just on stupid things. Because I don't really know what to do. What are you supposed to do? Um. It just seems like way too much. We don't deserve it, at all, for what we do."