British actor Rupert Grint has cured his homesickness during his time in New York City by buying a pet tortoise.

The Harry Potter star is currently living in the Big Apple while he appears in a Broadway production of It's Only a Play, and he has been missing home so much he adopted an exotic pet to keep him company.

He tells, "It's fun. I miss home sometimes because I've been here since July, rehearsing and previewing It's Only a Play. It opened this month on Broadway and we don't finish until January... They've put me in a pretty nice apartment downtown.

"I've made myself quite at home here. I got a pet tortoise... He's called Madeline. I named him before I found out his gender. The best thing is that you don't really need to do anything with him. He doesn't even need water that often. Doesn't like to be touched either."