British actor Rupert Grint was left red-faced when he first watched his new movie CHERRYBOMB - because he had to sit alongside his parents as his sex scene was screened.
The Harry Potter star appears as a troubled teenager in the film, alongside actress Kimberley Nixon.
Movie bosses sent Grint a preview of the film and his parents were eager to watch the clip - but the 21 year old admits he found watching the sex scene more embarrassing than shooting it in the first place.
He says, "Filming it was a really nerve-wracking experience but the worst bit was watching it with my parents. It was agonising. The scene's quite tastefully done but it's not the sort of moment you really want to share with your mum and dad.
"When the scene arrived we all sat there not really saying anything. Afterwards nobody talked about it, which was kind of a relief."