Rupert Everett would never get married.

The openly gay actor admits he would not like to settle down with one person as he has a constant fear of missing out.

Asked if he would marry, he said: "No. There's something missing in me, both gay and straight - I don't want to be in too close contact with anyone.

"A night in with someone is one thing, but I soon want to get out. I think I was always, from when I was a kid, worried that something else might be happening and I would be missing it - the party or the lover or the job, whatever.

"It's terribly destructive. And the idea of staying with someone, being part of a couple, always made me feel marooned - as if I was on a desert island away from the group somehow."

The 51-year-old star also claims he has seen his sex drive diminish in recent years - despite having a steady boyfriend.

He told The Sunday Times Magazine: "I used to be so sexually driven, my whole life was about sex, but now that's completely turned off - it seems like smoke and mirrors to me now.

"But what's quite scary about losing your sex drive is you do realise that it's the beginning of something different because it does drive you to do things - go to parties, meet new people. Otherwise you're just sitting around. I'm like that now: I like sitting around, reading watching telly."