Rupert Everett's new-found love for cooking has left him with chronic back pain because he spends so much time hunched over his stove.
The British actor rarely used his kitchen in the past because he spent more time dining out, but earlier this year (11) he decided to cut back on his restaurant bills by learning to cook.
But the My Best Friend's Wedding star, who stands at 6' 4" (1.9 metres) tall, now has to see an osteopath because his culinary efforts have hurt his back.
He tells Live magazine, "I had never used a kitchen until this year. I have eaten out at lunches and dinners all my life, but we are in austerity times, so I'm learning to cook.
"The problem is I've done my back in because of it - all that crouching over roasting chickens put it out and I'm spending a lot of time with an osteopath. A sign of disintegrating times."