Rupert Everett would love to be Naomi Campbell.

The British actor is in awe of the supermodel's incredible body, especially her long slender legs, and if he could be a woman for a day he'd choose to be the catwalk firecracker.

He said: ''If I were a woman, I'd be Naomi Campbell. I'd love to have her great body.''

Although Rupert is fascinated by the female form he has never felt the urge to dress as a woman or experiment with his gender.

However, the 'Shakespeare in Love' star - who is openly gay - does believe it would be good to swap sexes when he hits his 60s because men don't cope well in old age.

He added to the New York Post newspaper: ''Only time I'd like to be a woman is at the end of my life. Men have a crisis around age 65. The ones I know never get over it. As soon as they can't have a sex life and their job goes, they fall to pieces and can't pull it back together.''

Rupert has previously admitted his ''whole life was about sex'' when he was younger, and he believes his libido was fuelled by his Catholic education.

The actor - who had a six-year affair with the late Paula Yates - said: ''I was a sl*t. I loved sex. You were told [at school] that if you got aroused, you should turn over and a say a Hail Mary.

''You somehow make it work for yourself, but it gives you lots of bubbles inside. I wanted to tear everything down, and the way I found to do it was sex ... My whole life was about sex, really, in one sense or another.''