British actor Rupert Everett has leaped to the defence of disgraced supermodel Kate Moss, after newspaper reports over the weekend (18SEP05) claimed she had romped with other women.

On Sunday, British newspaper News Of The World alleged Moss had indulged in cocaine-fuelled lesbian sex with Jude Law's ex-wife Sadie Frost and English actress Davinia Taylor.

The news came only four days after the Daily Mirror newspaper published photographs of Moss allegedly snorting cocaine during a recording session for on/off boyfriend Pete Doherty's band Babyshambles.

And openly gay Everett is shocked by the "homophobic" nature of the reports which also revealed the model's drug habit.

Everett, 46, says, "Along with the revelations of drug taking, which are supposedly negative, come headlines about her lesbianism, as if that is negative too. It's shocking the way it is reported. What's wrong with her having had sex with another woman?"