British actor Rupert Everett is seeking a $24 million (GBP12 million) investment to make a film about legendary playwright Oscar Wilde.
The Shrek star has written the script for the movie - which will focus on the last three years of Wilde's life - and hopes to direct and star in the production.
All that is missing from the project is financial backing - and Everett is appealing for potential investors to come forward.
He says, "I've done a script and I want to play him and direct the film. However, the hardest thing is getting the finance and investors want to know their money is going to a good place.
"Another problem is the Victorian era is expensive to reproduce and we want to film it in England, Italy and France where Wilde spent his last days.
"What I really need now is a billionaire who loves Oscar Wilde and Rupert Everett and who will pay for the whole thing."