Gay actor Rupert Everett had an "on-off affair" with SIR Bob Geldof's late wife Paula Yates over a six-year period. The British star of MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING has no idea if the LIVE 8 organiser knows about his liaisons with Yates, who later divorced Geldof and had a relationship with Inxs frontman Michael Hutchence. On the subject of their meetings, Everett says, "That side of our relationship was tenuous to say the least, and our lives (eventually) went in different directions." Yates subsequently gave birth to Hutchence's daughter, TIGER LILY, in 1996, but Hutchence died in a Sydney, Australia hotel room in 1997. Yates died of an overdose in 2000. Everett has had a string of relationships with famous women, including French actress Beatrice Dalle and Susan Sarandon, and struggles to understand why he isn't a conventional homosexual. He says, "I am mystified by my heterosexual affairs - but then I am mystified by most of my relationships."