Actor Rupert Everett healed his long-standing rift with his father after they found themselves trapped on the Amazon river in the midst of a torrential storm.

The Next Best Thing heart-throb had bitterly feuded with his father ANTHONY since his adolescent years, over his homosexuality, drug abuse and bohemian lifestyle.

But a trip to South America fixed their relationship.

The 45-year-old explains, "Rebellion sheds blood on both sides, and my family and I have been through very difficult times. But I went with my dad on a long trip last year.

"We went down the Amazon together and we were stuck at one point in this storm on the edge of a river. We'd had so many times when we'd been at loggerheads, hating each other because I hated what my family represented.

"But in the end, when you're stuck in a creek in the Amazon rainforest, you realise it doesn't really matter. You're still father and son and nothing can change that. We get along very well now."

06/03/2005 14:51