Run Dmc are in talks to turn their story into a Broadway musical.

The two surviving members of the pioneering hip-hop group - Reverend Run and DMC - have met with a Hollywood producer to discuss turning the story of their career into a musical.

The project is to being headed up by Paula Wagner - who produced Hollywood films 'Mission: Impossible' and 'Valkyrie'.

She said: "Run-DMC's lyrics and music are infectious. It's vibrant, it's alive.

"Who they are and what they did was a culturally defining moment. It embraced everybody.

"Their rise to fame is innately theatrical. It speaks to everybody."

Paula is meeting with Reverend Run, real name Joseph Simmons, Darryl McDaniels, real name DMC and representatives of the estate of the group's third member, DJ Jam-Master Jay, real name Jason Mizell. Jay was murdered in 2002 on the verge of a Run-DMC reunion.

The group's back catalogue will feature in the planned musical, and Paula said that there could be additional input from Reverend Run and DMC.

Run DMC formed in New York in 1983 and pioneered a crossover of hip hop and rock music, most notably when they teamed up with the group Aerosmith to revamp their hit single 'Walk This Way'.

The group was inducted to the Rock n' roll Hall of Fame this year.

Other groups to produce musicals include U2, who are working on a 'Spider Man' musical and Green Day.