Run Dmc's DARRYL McDANIELS was "humbled" when his rap band topped VH1's poll of GREATEST HIP-HOP ACTS.

The rap group came first in the list compiled by the music TV channel - which also featured Eminem, THE Beastie Boys, Jay-Z, NOTORIOUS B.I.G. and Grandmaster Flash.

The accolade comes after Run DMC member Jam Master Jay was murdered last October (02) in his New York recording studio.

McDaniels says, "What Run DMC wanted to do was represent hip-hop the way it should be represented.

"We'll try to, in the remembrance of Jam Master Jay and everybody before us - keep it real."

The rapper also spoke out about the current crop of hip-hop stars.

If he had been voting he would have chosen Public Enemy for the top spot, saying, "They said something. A lot of these cats now coming into the business, they are about show business."