British singer/songwriter Rumer is hoping to relocate to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania so she can soak up the city's soul while working on a new album.

The Slow hitmaker plans to pack her bags and head for America's city of brotherly love, where she'll work as a waitress to fund her visit.

She explains, "This lady gave me her card for real estate and... I'm checking out the neighbourhoods and I want to get a job. I wanna get a waitressing job.

"I don't just wanna be a tourist, I wanna live there and to get to know the neighbourhood you've got to be part of the workforce."

And she has a Philadelphia native helping her find a dream waitressing gig - Daryl Hall.

Explaining her plans to move to his home city during a recent appearance on U.S. Tv show Live From Daryl's House, the Hall & Oates star offered to set her up with a job at famous diner Tony Luke's Cheesesteaks.

Hall said, "I can get you a job there... I'm personal friends with Tony Luke."

He added, "I never thought I'd ever have that kind of a connection."