Sultry singer/songwriter Rumer loves hearing how her music has touched fans because she wrote the songs on her debut album Seasons Of My Soul to comfort herself after her mother's death in 2003.
The Anglo-Asian star admits she often meets people who tell her how her music helped them get through a difficult period.
She tells WENN, "There were two ladies that came up to me after a show in Brighton (England) and they said, 'You made sense of our grief,' because their mother had died.
"They were two lovely ladies but they were finding it hard and the music helped them make sense of it. It was really touching. I'm really happy that it helps people."
And Aretha, the song she wrote about her own bullying experience at school, has become a comfort anthem for teenagers going through the same torment.
She explains, "There's this little boy, he's seven years old, he gets bullied at school and he writes to me. He loves Aretha. It's comforting to children who are being bullied."