Rumer Willis loves cooking with her boyfriend.

The 24-year-old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore has been dating 'The New Normal' star Jayson Blair, 28, since August and the budding actress claims they prefer to keep their relationship private by enjoying low-key romantic dates at her Hollywood home.

She told ''He cooks me dinner, we drink some tea and watch some great TV shows or a movie.''

Jayson also revealed that he and Rumer learnt to cook because they both suffer from the same digestive problems and need to avoid gluten.

He said: ''I love to cook. She does as well, but I like to cook for her. So we cook, usually something very healthy because we both cannot have gluten, unfortunately. So I guess we were made for each other, since we have to suffer together through our food choices.''

'The House Bunny' star was recently said to be considering a move into the music industry despite not having the best singing voice and even landed a weekly performing gig at The Sayers Club in Los Angeles.

A source previously revealed: ''The venue likes Rumer to sing every week because she brings publicity but the truth is she's horrible.''