Cult singer Rufus Wainwright is shocked his younger sister MARTHA followed in his footsteps by launching a music career - because he never realised she had so much talent.

Wainwright credits himself with providing his sibling with a forum to launch herself in the music industry, but he expected to be the only member of his family's generation to become famous.

He says, "I was always the one who was going to be a star. Or so I thought.

"I asked her to come and play with me once, for fun, and before I know it she had, like, eight songs she'd written.

"As every gay person knows, you can't f**k with a diva. She has an incredible imperious quality. So that has added a bit of extra spice to the family."

Rufus and Martha Wainwright's father is musician LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III.

23/02/2005 09:57