Folk rocker Rufus Wainwright has credited his songs with saving music lovers from the "utterly soulless" offerings of stars like Beyonce Knowles and The Strokes.

The WANT TWO singer continues to make music to provide today's generation with an alternative to the manufactured pop he fears is filling the charts.

The 31-year-old complains, "In the era I came of age, the three biggest stars were Boy George, Michael Jackson and Prince but pop nowadays is so dull.

"It's either horribly constructed like some Orwellian machine, or it's utterly soulless. It's like a sci-fi movie where only these tiny groups have survived the apocalypse - the Beyonce tribe, The Strokes tribe - everyone sounds the same and that's why I stick out.

"That's why the world needs me!"

04/03/2005 09:36