Cult rocker Rufus Wainwright became so intoxicated following a drink and drugs binge, he was convinced a host of stars had come to rescue him - only to discover a real-life Yoko Ono complaining about his awful behaviour.

The WANT TWO singer took a cocktail of cannabis, cocaine, magic mushrooms and alcohol followed by a bout of "incredible sex on acid" before hallucinating that Cher, SIR ELTON JON, Tina Turner and Ono had appeared before him.

Wainwright says, "I thought Cher had called Tina Turner, and Tina had called Elton, and Elton had called Yoko, and all these celebrities were there ready to catch me in their net for fallen stars."

In reality, Ono had called on Wainwright to admonish him for being badly behaved behaviour during a recent visit to her New York home, when he was "incredibly rude".

08/03/2005 14:37