Rufus Wainwright was forced to confront his rape issues by another singing superstar - Tori Amos. Wainwright was attacked by a man he picked up in a bar in London's Hyde Park at the tender age of 14. He claims he survived the ordeal by pretending to have an epileptic fit. After the attack, the 33-year-old refused to talk about the terrifying incident for years - until he toured with Amos - who suffered a similar sex attack. Amos would often talk to fellow victims after the show, and her openness stunned Wainwright. He recalls, "I thought she was taking advantage of these people. As the tour progressed I was drinking more and more and constantly faced with this phenomenon occurring in the next room. "One day I kind of looked at myself and thought, 'Why are you so angry about this?' And it dawned on me, 'Maybe you have talk about this. Maybe you have to talk to Tori!'"