Rufus Wainwright thinks he'd be more successful if he wasn't open about his sexuality.

The Canadian-American singer feels being gay has held him back in his native America and wonders if he'd have more success if he was ambiguous about his sexual orientation.

He told The Times newspaper: ''If I had been somewhat more strategic and less honest and gone with an asexual or bisexual persona, I think I would have been given a lot more opportunity and attention.''

Despite his feelings, the 41-year-old star has no regrets about his career and is grateful for the support of his loyal fan base.

He explained: ''I feel that my public, who have been with me a while now, are loyal and have been grateful and appreciative of my honesty.''

Rufus has enjoyed a lot of success in Britain, which he says is his ''most solid and loyal and largest audience'', but it's been an uphill battle to get attention in the US.

He added: ''They constantly want the new thing right away. The United States of Amnesia, as Gore Vidal would say.''