The Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk star will host Wainwright Libre in Havana from 21 to 25 September (17), when devotees will get to explore the historic city with the musician as they embark on "adventures, sightseeing, fine cuisine, dancing and music".

Wainwright will also treat attendees to two "once-in-a-lifetime" performances of his own: one stripped-down, intimate gig, and a second public show, when he will be joined by a full orchestra and local musicians, including singer Carlos Varela.

"I've played with orchestras all over the world, and it's a very powerful experience that I'm excited to try in Havana," Wainwright explains in a statement.

"Cuba is a complete and utter revelation in terms of its historical treasures, vibrant presence and interesting future. I can't wait to share that with my fans! I'm sure it will be a great party, and we'll dance the night away."

In addition to cigar and rum tastings, rumba and salsa lessons, the group will take part in a workshop on Cuban music, led by jazz pianist Roberto Carcasses.

Packages for Wainwright Libre, organised by officials at Music & Arts Live!, start at $2,699 (£2,160).

Wainwright, who is Canadian-American, has been to Cuba twice before, but U.S. citizens have only recently been allowed to travel more freely to the island nation after former U.S. President Barack Obama lifted the decades-long travel ban and trade embargo between the two countries in 2014.

Obama then made an historic trip to Cuba in March, 2016, just before the Rolling Stones became the first major rock act to play in the country since it became Communist in 1959.