British actor Rufus Sewell is paying the price for refusing a stuntman after developing agonising lower back pain while shooting action sequences for The Legend of Zorro.

Brave Sewell, who plays ZORRO's nemesis ARMAND in the movie sequel, did the damage after throwing himself to the ground during an explosion scene.

He says, "It's not all about stuntmen and special effects.

"ANTONIO (BANDERAS) and I really were on top of a moving train, fighting for hours.

"The train is supposed to be full of nitro-glycerine.

"There's supposed to be a huge explosion and I had to throw myself on the ground in reaction to it.

"If you want it to look like a genuine fall, you have to knock yourself about a bit. You can't look like you're trying to be careful or it shows.

"But the next day I noticed I had a constant pain in the small of my back. It got worse as the day went on."

Sewell's back pain is his second injury from The Legend of Zorro - co-star Catherine Zeta Jones gave him a bloody nose after kicking him in the face during a chase scene.