Former GOLDEN GIRLS star Rue McClanahan has decided to write a book about her multiple marriages, to encourage others not to give up on finding true love.

The actress is now happily married to MORROW WILSON after five failed unions, and she's elated she didn't give up on her quest to find love.

She says, "This (marriage) is my sixth and last... I don't care how horrible this is, I'm not gonna get a divorce!

"I'm writing a book called MY FIRST FIVE HUSBANDS. I want people to know (that they shouldn't) give up.

"For goodness sake, don't get out too fast. But when it is absolutely unbearable, get out already and move on and look for the one that's gonna work because I found him. We're gonna have our seventh anniversary this Christmas Day and we're gloriously happy."

24/11/2004 21:02