Former GOLDEN GIRLS star Rue McClanahan is backing an effort to stop four elephants exposed to a tuberculosis-stricken animal from being moved to a different zoo.

McClanahan, an honorary director of PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS (PETA), has written a letter to state Representative RAY McCARTER, asking him to halt the planned transfer from Chicago, Illinois to Hugo, Oklahoma.

McClanahan, 71, says she'd prefer the four elephants be sent to the Elephant Sanctuary, a 2,700 acre preserve in Hohenwald, Tennessee.

But while McCarter says he hasn't seen the letter, he admits, "It would be difficult to do anything now," as the Legislature adjourned its regular session last month (MAY05).

The HAWTHORN CORPORATION in Chicago is scheduled to give the elephants to the ENDANGERED ARK FOUNDATION, which keeps retired circus elephants on an 80 acre tract.

None of the elephants in question have tested positive for tuberculosis, but they're set to be isolated from the rest of the herd for about a year as a precaution.

16/06/2005 03:07