Rudimental and Bipolar Sunshine wrote and recorded an entire track in 24 hours yesterday (11.07.13).

The 'Feel the Love' group collaborated with the up-and-coming singer to create new song 'Distance (BACARDÍ Beginnings)', starting from 7am at a studio in London.

Rudimental brought along a whole host of instruments while Bipolar Sunshine worked on vocal ideas, gradually building the track over the course of the day.

During the recording sessions, DJ Locksmith and Kesi Dryden from Rudimental said: ''It's going really well, we've got the Hammond organ out, got the Rhodes keyboards bass, drums, trumpet, we're just jamming, creating some ideas and its coming together really nicely, bipolar sunshine is coming out with some really good vocal ideas too.

''The instruments are set up like in our home studio, so it feels like we're right at home.''

A little later in the day, Bipolar Sunshine added: ''I'm making track here with Rudimental, its sounding wicked, put a few ideas together and now we're just formulating the end of the track, so it's coming on nicely, in a few hours you should hear the final thing!''

The whole track was not only written and recorded by also mixed and mastered, ready for release, by the end of the day.

Rudimental - which also inclues Piers Agget and Amir Amor - then performed a special show set up by drinks brand Bacardi at The Vaults, in Waterloo, London. At the culmination of their set they invited Bipolar Sunshine onstage and gave 'Distance (BACARDÍ Beginnings)' its live debut.

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