Comedienne Ruby Wax is among the London residents fighting to halt a planned building project in an upmarket neighbourhood of the British capital.

The funnywoman has joined other residents in Notting Hill in a bid to stop a neighbour's proposed basement extension, which they claim will cause disruption and will encroach on public land by excavating underneath a sidewalk.

Wax, who lives close to the house where the work will take place, tells the London Evening Standard, "I think it's revolting. There is a really problem (sic) with the 'whose kitchen is the largest' mentality. I know people who have built vineyards under their houses. If you want a large house, go and live in (London area) Hampstead. We have to get behind this push to stop the plans. If we don't the situation will get worse and worse."

The group is urging officials at Kensington and Chelsea council's planning committee to reject the planning application which has been submitted ahead of construction on the project.