The Orange Is the New Black star's love for her pet pooches is no secret, as she regularly posts photos of them on social media and describes herself as a "crazy dog lady". One of her many tattoos reads, 'Be the person your dog thinks you are,' and it's a mantra Ruby lives by.

"Dogs: They have a love for you like you could do no wrong," she told New York Times. "The way they look at you is so amazing. They never get bored of you. You’re perfect to them. Imagine that you were the person that they see all the time. Nice, giving, caring, loving, and even patient when you have to pick up their poop. You’d be the best version of yourself."

She joked the same can't be said for cats as felines think humans are "evil" for keeping them locked up at home, "when they should be on a spaceship ruling the world." However she does have a simple solution; raising a cat to be a dog, like she did with her pet kitty Axl, named after Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose.

"He’s the cutest cat; he’s 14 now and totally thinks he’s a dog," she laughed. "He makes dog noises, he’ll be like, 'romph.' I’m like, 'That’s not a meow, buddy'...

"Everyone else’s cats freak me out. They’re just like weird aliens. I feel like they’re trying to mind-control me. Why do I want to go pet you right now?"

When she isn't busy with her animals Ruby gets stuck into movie making and her hit Netflix show. She's landed a role in upcoming action film xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, alongside Vin Diesel, who has become a firm friend.

"Vin Diesel gave me an electric skateboard and it’s so much fun," she gushed.

"He gave everyone cool wrap gifts. I got the electric skateboard. Those less likely to want to be on a motorised skateboard got a light bicycle with our xXx names. Mine is now being shipped back to L.A. because I couldn’t take it on the plane. I asked!"