Ruby Rose's ''perverted'' Chihuahua Charlie has been stealing her dirty underwear.

The 'Orange is the New Black' star woke up to find all of her knickers scattered across her garden on Sunday morning (08.04.18), and she has held her canine friend responsible as her other dog, Ru, is unable to walk.

The 32-year-old actress-and-model was just about to call the police, until she worked out it had to be Charlie, who seems to have a fetish for her unclean pants.

In a series of hilarious tweets shared with her 1.34 million follows, Ruby said: ''Listen, I've woken up to some weird sh*t. Once woke up to two lizards having sex on my bedroom window, I once found a drone in my back yard, I recorded scenes from 'It' on my camera and replaced the SD card ( Then an 8 year old came to get it and I quickly took the card out ) ... But today I woke up to all my underwear from my 'dirty' laundry basket ( which is a tall basket INSIDE my house ) lined up in my backyard on the grass... not saying I freaked out and thought a serial killer had done it but let's just say my dog has some serious explaining to do ... had to check the security footage... NOT BECAUSE I HAD 911 ready to dial or anything.. but because one of my dogs can't walk, the other can't jump that high and well... it was Charlie.. it was the perverted high jumping Chihuahua who has a thing with my underwear. (sic)''

It's not the first time Ruby has had animals get up to no good at her Los Angeles property.

This time last year, her house was invaded by black widow spiders.

Ruby - who was born and raised in Australia - was stunned to see a highly venomous creepy crawly with a red back, most commonly talked about in her native country, on her doorstep at her home.

The 'Pitch Perfect 3' star uploaded a photograph of the spider and asked her fans whether the black insect was the deadly black widow.

She said: ''I always thought cali spiders were kinda cute and like Hollywood versions of Aussie spiders then I saw this and now I'm shook. Black widow?'' (sic)''

Although they are deemed the most venomous spider in North America - their venom is thought to be 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake's - they only bite humans when disturbed and, although it's rare that the bite will lead to death, the venom can cause muscle aches, nausea, and paralysis of the diaphragm.