Ruby Rose was attracted to 'Pitch Perfect 3' because it is about ''female empowerment''.

The 'Orange Is The New Black' actress joins the franchise as a member of a rival music group to the Barden Bellas and Ruby loves how the films depict strong female friendships.

She told You Magazine: ''I love that Pitch Perfect is about friendship. The girls have relationships and crushes but the central story is about how much they mean to one another and about female empowerment.

''The Bellas are all very different in terms of size, sexuality, race and personality, and together they're so strong, which is great because kids can look up to these women.''

And Ruby was thrilled to work with stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson.

She said: ''Working with Anna was incredible. I'd look at her and go, 'Are you serious?' because her pitch is amazing...perfect. She never hits a dead note.

''Ah. I just want to eat Rebel on toast, I love her madly. Rebel, myself and my bandmates from the film went to an open-mic night and we performed 'I Love Rock 'N' Roll'.''

However, Ruby admitted that singing on screen left her terrified.

She said: ''I have always played sports, so action is safe for me. 'Pitch Perfect' meant singing in front of a thousand people, which was much harder than falling out of a window or firing guns. But it's good to do things outside your comfort zone.''

Meanwhile, lesbian star Ruby, 31, is hopeful that she can be a role model for young LGBT fans as there were very few role models for her when she was growing up.

She said: ''If I'd seen more gay people [in the media] it might have been easier. Angelina Jolie was the only person I related to because she was a little different and had tattoos and was cool and badass, but also because she came out and said she was bisexual.''