Ruby Rose has lashed out after she was forced to cancel two shows due to tonsillitis.

The 'Orange Is The New Black' star took ill during a break in Ibiza with pals and has been told by doctors not to fly but Ruby got annoyed when fans questioned her illness.

She wrote: ''It's upsetting to see people questioning me getting tonsilitis .. And cancelling 2 of 15 shows in a month..Off the back of filming a movie.

''But I don't party, I've not been to one club except when playing here and I've had a 3 day vacation with childhood friends I flew out..

''.. Where we slept, watched movies and went to the beach. I dont drink as everyone knows, I'm run down and got tonsillitis its that simple. x

''Lastly, I trained hard for 3 films and continue to train hard, more than ever in my life.. I'm fit ( well before I got sick ). Thats all.

''I dont care what ''people think'' but I wanted to clear it up for the fans. however you should know me by now. Off socials again while I rest (sic).''

Ruby originally shared a message on Instagram to announce her tonsilitis, writing: ''Tonsilitis and unable to fly because of the pain it's causing my ears :( means no more shows and I have to stay put before returning home :( sorry guys. I didn't even know you could get tonsilitis after like, 16 (sic).''

And when one fan questioned why she wasn't at Brighton Pride in the UK, she quoted the tweet and wrote: ''Announced yesterday. - Have tonsillitis and it's also causing extreme ear pain and I've been advised I can't fly (sic).''