Ruby Rose feels lucky to have worked with so many females during her career in light of the sexual harassment scandal.

The 31-year-old model and actress admitted she's saddened by the notion that she should feel ''blessed'' to have escaped unwanted attention, but she insisted everyone she's worked with has always been ''so boundaried and professional''.

Ruby said: ''It feels ridiculous to say 'I'm so blessed' because that (harassment) should not be the normal.''

Ruby revealed she didn't realise that by working with so many women during her career, she's in the minority in her line of work.

The Melbourne-born star told the Daily Telegraph newspaper in Australia: ''I've been lucky not just working with a lot of females, which I didn't realise is as rare as it is, but that everyone I've worked with has been so boundaried and professional.''

And while Ruby is sympathetic towards the women who have been the victims of sexual harassment, she hopes the scandal will prove to be a turning point.

She explained: ''The only good thing about these horrible stories is it should now break open the conversation in every workplace.''

Meanwhile, the model recently discussed her gender fluid identity, admitting she didn't feel as though she ''fit the mould of a girl'' during her childhood.

Ruby recalled: ''When I was really young, my own understanding was that you had to be either a boy or a girl and I didn't feel like I fit the mould of a girl.''